Zoocchini training pants boy Jurassic Pals

€ 31,99

Set of 3 organic Zoocchini boy's training pants in the colours blue and yellow. These lovely training pants have a great animal print on the back and are perfect for that potty training time in a child's life.

Experts say that after a few weeks of successful potty breaks, a child may be transitioned into training pants before going into regular underwear. Our training pants have a layer of double sided terry sandwiched between the layers of cotton for extra absorbency in case an accident occurs. The perfect stepping stone in the potty training process.

The Zoocchini underwear is made of organic cotton and therefore very comfortable.

100% organic cotton

Available in the sizes: 2-3 Years and 3-4 Years.

Attention: the Zoocchini underwear is quite large.

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