Squiz re usable food pouches Carnival (pack of 7)

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€ 29,99

These Squiz re usable food pouches are a feeding revolution! With Squiz, take baby meals or big-kid snacks anywhere: vegetable and fruit purees, yogurts, smoothies...the only limit is your culinary imagination. Thanks to Squiz, no more disposable packaging waste! Easy to fill, carry, wash, and refill again, You can re-use Squiz pouches approx. 50 times each.

The Squiz pouches can be easily filled with through the large zippered opening at the bottom. While fully dishwasher safe, to extend the life of your Squiz pouches, it is recommended to hand-wash them using a bottle brush. With the exclusive ergonomic Squiz'top silicone tops (sold separately) for ages 4-24 months, Squiz offers everything to make your life simpler. Squiz are packaged in a reusable zippered travel pouch.

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