About Squiz, fun reusable food pouches!

Practical for moms and fun for kids, snacks in disposable pouches are now found in every school bag. Single-use pouches have several disadvantages, however: high price for one use, increase in packaging waste, and a size that is often too small (90-120 ml) to satisfy older children. Already a big hit in America, reusable pouches provide an alternative that is ecological, economical, and just as convenient.

Squiz, fun reusable food pouches!
Squiz is the on-the-go feeding solution that is practical and easy to use. You can fill Squiz pouches directly through the large zippered opening at the bottom, and store them in the refrigerator or freezer. Squiz pouches have a double-zipper sealing system that stays closed with no risk of a surprise leak! It's fast and easy to clean Squiz pouches with a bottle brush, and they can be reused an average of 50 times.

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