Flash baby on board Sophie la girafe yellow

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€ 4,99

With flashing lights that are ideal for warning other drivers that you have a baby on board! The built-in motion sensor automatically activates the flashing LED's concealed in Sophie la girafe's spots whenever the car starts moving. This clever sign warns drivers in following vehicles that there is an infant on board, enabling your baby to travel in complete safety!

Smart: thanks to its motion sensor, the sign only flashes when the car is moving!
Clever and flexible, with two suction cups to secure unit to window. Leaves no marks when removed for use in other vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE: The baby-on-board sign does not flash constantly, but only when the car is on the move (jerking, braking, bends, etc.) Flashes when the car is moving!

This Flash baby on board has a yellow print.

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