Day 1 Baby Body & Shampoo Bar - Sweet & Summer Soft forever

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€ 8,95

This body & shampoo soap is extra mild for the little ones and suitable for all skin types. Made with organic Shea Butter, Coconut oil, sweet Almond oil, organic Olive oil and a touch of Chamomile & Sage essential oil.


Hi Toddler! For you with your little legs and mini toes, this soap is extra gentle on your skin. It is full of nourishing oils and a hint of summer Chamomile scent. With organic Shea butter, sweet Almond oil and extra virgin organic Olive oil for a soft and intense skin care. Let your parents enjoy and stay sweet & soft forever. Discover it with DAY 1: different, a little bit contrary, without junk, better for you, better for the world. Please be careful with soap near the eyes, it may sting.

Good care starts on DAY 1.

Weight: 100 grams

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